Linda Carlton-Huber
All Lines Sales













113 S State St
Monticello, IL 61856
P: 217-762-2182
F: 217-762-7217
13 S Main St.
Sullivan, IL 61951
P: 217-728-2323
F: 217-728-2326
Rick Rhodes
Life and Health Specialist
Rudy Huber 
All Lines Sales
Janet Roy
All Lines Sales
Lisa Wigness
All Lines Sales



Justin Shaw
All Lines Agent
Cindy Guin
Customer Service 
Personal, Life & Health
Traci Tucker
Customer Service
Life and Health 
1123 Maine St
Windsor, IL 61957
P: 217-459-2740
F: 217-459-2641
Lindsay Burton
Customer Service
Personal Lines
Sudy Shafer
Customer Service
All Lines & Claims
Angie Eades
Customer Service Bookeeper
Susan Rothrock
All Lines Customer Service Agent